Sunday, December 19, 2010

Display Photos in ASP.NET using Flickr.NET API

One of the most common ingredients of any successful website is to display photos to the site visitors along with photos and their metadata search facility. There are number of photo sharing web sites and services providing the large number of photos for websites and blogs. The most popular and commonly used site is, which provides very flexible and powerful API to web developers and exposes almost all the data stored on the site to offer web developers limitless possibilities for creating mashups, widgets, etc. Due to the popularity of Flickr API, many client libraries are available for almost all programming languages such as .NET, Java or PHP. These libraries make development with Flickr API even easier by hiding lower level API details and also allows you to work with your favorite programming language and environment. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can use one such library Flickr.NET to search and display photos using C# and ASP.NET.


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